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THE KIT BOX – Spencer Pollard's Scale Models
May 12, 2018 – 08:49 am Model Kits: Toys & Games: Airplane & Jet Kits, Figure

Screen Shot 2016-06-22 at 19.17.56.pngDon’t forget that you can also follow me on YouTube as well as on here, with plenty of videos to enjoy. If you don’t want to miss anything, please subscribe to the channel and you’ll be notified every time I add a new film!

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And with that, I am now officially on holiday until the 3rd of August. The workshop is locked, the computer off and my office, shut away. No more modelling, writing or filming for the next week or so!
Now I’m sure that many of you are more than happy to with this break in my nonsense, but even so, I’d like to thank everyone for their help this year and also to those of you that have taken an interest in what I have built, written and filmed. It’s very much appreciated!
So that’s me on holiday – I’m off for a pint! See you when I get back! 😎


Hi everyone!

I’ve created a little beginner’s video on the use of liquid glue. This is in reaction to a few questions that I’ve seen recently, questions that I think many of us would have asked when we were starting out.

I hope that you like it! 🙂

After three month’s of work, videos and now a full-blown article, this build is finally at an end!

“Opinions vary wildly on this kit. Many feel it to be utter rubbish, others really liking it and many (the silent majority) no doubt falling smack bang in the middle. Me, I like it. I felt that they were no more difficult to overcome than many other kits I’ve built over the years”

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Do you actually enjoy building models, or to just enjoy the results?

“When I sit back and look at a model that I know that I’ve built and painted to the best of my ability and it looks the way I wanted it to before beginning construction, that’s when I’m truly at ease. The journey’s over, now I can enjoy the destination”

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Following on from my earlier video this week during which I discussed the new Tamiya Corsair – amongst other things – I’ve created a new one that takes a more detailed look at the -1D kit and the new parts that you can expect to see in the box when the kit is released. Hopefully, this will provide a more detailed overview and be more entertaining to watch than the rather breathless film that I put together on Tuesday!

I hope you like it! 🙂

If you want to build a new kit but your skills aren’t up to it, perhaps that kit is not for you…

“It’s as though I and modellers like me, belong to the modelling equivalent of the Illuminati, where classified ideas and secret handshakes are as much a part of taking a look at a kit, as you know, sticking together the pieces and painting the results”

Like an ‘Old Master’ languishing in a store room, this M1 Abrams deserved a second lease of life…

“I know that to many this is only an old plastic model kit, but I really feel that I have a sense of duty to bring it back to life, this model being part of the history and fabric of what we all enjoy, today.”

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