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BMX STEM Afterschool Program
December 20, 2020 – 03:33 pm
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Looking for a Gold Medal Winning Afterschool Program?

(Grades 1-8)

USA BMX, the governing body of bicycle motocross racing in North America, is offering a first of its kind after school curriculum combining Science, Technology, Engineering and Math with BMX Bikes. The program also includes a physical fitness element, and the kids take away a BMX bike, helmet, and much more. No other Olympic sport offers an officially sanctioned after school program in the United States.


The inclusion of BMX racing into the Olympic Games in 2008 has catapulted the popularity of the sport of BMX Racing to new levels. From this international exposure, USA BMX has experienced a growth in membership to over 70, 000 youth across North America. The organization sanctions over 14, 000 races each year at 380 BMX member tracks.

The USA BMX Foundation, the non-profit arm of the sport, has developed a new youth program to attract more kids to the sport and to promote the positive virtues of BMX racing through a formal education (STEM based) program. The program is supported by KHS/Free Agent, one of the largest BMX companies in the world.

New After School Enrichment Program

One of the new USA BMX Foundation youth initiatives is a national after school enrichment program. The program is built around a Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) curriculum model. The program is equal part education, equal part athletics and exercise. As part of the eight module course, each student receives not only the STEM education, but also a helmet, a BMX bike, and a one-day membership to USA BMX.

BMX After School Enrichment Program Outline

The program is offered through the USA BMX Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation. This one-of-a-kind offering comes with a “kit” that has everything you need to provide the perfect after school enrichment program for youth ages 7 to 14.

Each kit includes the following:

  • Complete curriculum providing eight modules, filled with photos, step by step walk-throughs and outcomes
  • Five (5) Free Agent BMX bikes
  • Five (5) BMX safety helmets
  • One (1) bike stand for builds, repairs and modifications
  • One (1) complete set of bike tools
  • One (1) bike pump with attached tire pressure gauge
  • Five (5) alternative bike tires (different tread for use in module #6)
  • Each student receives a free one-day membership to USA BMX.

Curriculum Modules:

  1. Bike assembly and set up
  2. Tire pressures
  3. Seat positioning and force
  4. Off road vs. pavement
  5. Pedal, coast and balance
  6. Tire tread and resistance
  7. Speed, stopping and braking
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