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Metal Building Kit
August 1, 2017 – 09:08 am
Metal Buildings | Wheeler Metals

Big properties mean big equipment, and big equipment requires storage. A metal building kit from the large inventory available on eBay is just what you need to house your vehicles, lawn mowers, tractors, and any other equipment you may have. A metal storage building kit is a prefabricated, pre-measured, and pre-cut shed building that includes almost everything you need to assemble it. Kits vary in size, so you can find up to 5, 000 square feet and beyond to best fit your needs. Metal building kits also provide you with a durable and quality product, as most kits use heavy-duty coated steel with the ability to withstand 150 mph wind speeds and 25-lb. snow loads, so you can use your building in almost any climate. Many building kits are also customizable, so you can change wall height, steel color, roof pitch, door openings, and other elements to create a building that is perfect for your needs.

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