metal storage building kits

Steel Storage Building Kits
April 18, 2017 – 11:26 am
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Climate Control: One of the most important considerations when storing goods is ensuring an optimal climate, as many items do not fare well in extreme temperature conditions. For example, most plastic materials can suffer from “cold cracks” or fractures of the material when stored in severe cold. The stable interior climate provided by an insulated steel building increases life span of items stored inside and protects against rust, corrosion, mold, and mildew. Your stored goods will be well protected in a steel storage building.

Durability: Steel is inexpensive to insure due to its high level of durability, as it cannot warp, rot or crack, and is non-combustible and resistant against fire. Metal storage buildings are also resistant to termite and insect infestations, an advantage if you plan on storing garden products like mulch, fertilizer or plant seeds. Unlike a wooden storage building, a steel storage kits also offers peace of mind knowing you will never have to worry about rodents.

Strength: Steel has an incredibly high strength to weight ratio, and is one the strongest and most durable construction materials on the market. Strong enough to withstand hurricanes, gale-force winds and even tornadoes, a steel storage building offers supreme shelter against harsh weather elements.

Easy DIY Assembly: Due to its lightweight nature, steel is a very user-friendly material to assemble. Building kits can be easily constructed without the need to hire a contractor, saving you cash down the line.

Reduced Cost & Cost of Ownership: Opting for steel, rather than lumber, is a cost-effective storage solution as the metal’s durability ensures there is no need to purchase protective treatments to shield the exteriors from weather elements. As the high-quality steel is coated in protective zinc and aluminum alloys, your storage building will have minimal maintenance costs during its lifetime. Steel buildings are also cheaper to insure due to their fire-resistance and other durable qualities.

Green: Steel is a recyclable material, and most manufactured steel today contains an average of 25% recycled content. Choosing steel is an environmentally responsible choice.

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