small house building kits

July 29, 2017 – 01:08 pm
Solid Build Small Cabin Kits

Barn-HouseWe offer custom house kits, to meet each customer's requirements. We also offer kits we have designed previously, often with significant savings and shorter lead times. Please talk with us about your plans and ideas.

With our many models and customization options, we can easily meet your needs for a primary home, a vacation home, or a cabin. We offer a wide range of precut, customized cabin, cottage and house kits, from 144 s.f. to 3000 s.f.+, all designed for assembly by people with no prior building experience. Power tools, lifts or cranes are not required to assemble our kits. Our kits are available with optional Shelter-Kit porches, decks, dormers and additions of all sizes, all of which can be easily added at any time.

Options include cathedral ceilings, higher ceilings, larger roof overhangs, metal roofing, dormers, windows, exterior doors, several siding choices, and more. We offer options for increasing the thickness of your exterior walls to allow for insulation values up to R-40, including our-double stud option (Learn more about Shelter-Kit here)

  • Traditional one, 1 1/2 or two-story home, sold as a precut kit.
  • We can customize your Shelter-Kit house with gable or shed dormers, porches, decks, cathedral ceilings, lots of windows and more. You can start out small, and expand your home at any time. Shelter-Kit porches, decks and additions of all types can be added at any time-now, or in the future.
  • Can be designed in a "tee" or "ell" configuration, including attaching a garage
  • Just talk with us about your design ideas, and we will work to meet your requirements!
  • Perfect for remote, island or lakeside locations, as all of the components are precut and labeled for ease of assembly by amateurs, without power tools.
  • Beautiful and versatile
  • We offer custom kits, standard designs and our Unit One cabins.
  • Ideal for use as a remote, island or lakeside cabin, or a backyard office/workspace, as all of the components are precut and labeled for ease of assembly. You will not need any power tools to assemble your cabin kit.
  • Expandable at any time, in any direction, by adding our Shelter-Kit® Deck, Open or Enclosed Porch kits.
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