Build your own storage shed kits

Build Your Own Storage Shed!
August 29, 2023 – 05:55 pm
Fancy Storage Shed Converted To House 99 For Your Build Your Own

Before we can finish the base we need to get the electrical ready. Put a peice of conduit over your electrical wire to protect it from any damage it could receive while you are finishing the base and to give the shed a more finished look. Make sure the pipe and wire inside are pointing up perpendicular to the ground and are preferably going straight to the location where your first outlet will be.

The walls of the foundation have been created and the electrical is all set, now all that needs to be done is to fill the gaping hole in between them with limestone agrigate. We also threw in some concrete paving stones that we had lying around because we don't plan on using them and we had already tried to give them away. After the limestone is in place tamp it down by jumping on it and keep filling up any places that are no longer level. After the entire base is filled with as much limestone as you can fit put a sprinkler on to soak it and set it for the next hour or so. You may need to add a bit more limestone after this is done as well.

We now need to create a base that we can nail the frames for the walls into. We did this with four 2x8's and some bent i-bolts along with a lot of mortar. The basic process was that we bent the bottoms of the i-bolts after heating them with a blow torch, and then anchored these in some of the holes in the cinderblocks with a lot of mortar. Then we drilled holes in the 2x8's where the i-bolts were and put these on top and screwed them in. The frames can now be solidly attached to the base with the framing hammer.

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