Build your own model car kit

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May 21, 2017 – 12:51 pm
Build Your Car, Crossover, or Electric Vehicle | Mitsubishi Motors

Imagine making your very own replica of some of your favorite cars. Building model cars is a really creative and satisfying process that allows you to build a garage that’s the envy of all your friends - without spending a fortune. Whether you want a nifty racer model or an F1 supercar, you'll find it all in our models at ModelSpace.

With our great range of kits, you can build your own model remote control cars so that you get the sense of what it must be like to drive them. Building your own remote control car models piece by piece is also a great way of learning about electronics and construction techniques - and a perfect activity to share with kids.

From model F1 cars and model racing cars to classics and even famous movie cars, we're sure that you'll find the perfect car to build in our collection. Of course, if you want to expand your vehicle ownership a little further then we have other options too. As well as cars, we stock an extensive range of model planes, tanks and trains as well as military vehicles, sailing boats and much more.

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