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April 23, 2020 – 09:57 pm
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What comes in the kit? Do I need to purchase anything else to complete my bike?
The CS-1 Kit includes everything you will need to transform your Suzuki S40 / Savage into a CS-1 cafe racer.

How long will it take to receive my kit?
Unless there is a back order on parts, kits ship out within 3 to 6 weeks AFTER we receive your tank and rear wheel hub for modification. If you do not already have a donor bike, we recommend placing a pre-order deposit to reserve your kit. More details here.

What years of Suzuki S40/Savage/LS650 will your kit work with?
Since the chassis stayed the same from year to year, our kit will fit ALL models.

What is the swingarm mod?
The swingarm mod makes it possible to use taller rear tires, including the vintage Firestone Deluxe Champions. A section of the swingarm brace is cut out, and a new piece is fabricated and re-welded. All the extraneous tabs are removed and shaved down. The entire swingarm is then re-painted and cleared. This eliminates the clearance issues of tires over 26" in diameter (see below).

Why can't I order my kit with the parts already painted?
1. The paint is easily damaged in shipping. 2. You'll want to do some test fitting of your unpainted kit parts before final assembly. It's much easier without worrying about scratching new paint. 3. You can have your parts painted locally for a better price than we could paint them for you. 4. Having your paint done locally allows you to see the actual color in person, color match your parts correctly, and have a custom paint job done to your specs. Check out the Customer Builds section of the website to get some ideas.

I want to choose my own tires. Can I get the kit without the rear tire?
Yes, just be careful with your choice of rear tire. Anything over 26" in diameter will come extremely close to hitting the stock swingarm.

Do I receive my original parts back (tank and hub)?
Yes. If your tank has damage and you're ordering a primered kit, please send a few photos to us to make sure we can work with it. Most dents and dings are not a problem, but we must add $50 to your kit price to cover the cost of the repairs. [Note: If you cannot supply a tank and hub for your kit, let us know and we can source the parts for an additional charge.]

Do you change the rake angle?
Not directly. The rake angle is reduced by installing longer shocks on the rear and lowering the front by shortening the forks. No modifications are made to the headstock.

Does the price include shipping?
No. Please contact us for a shipping quote. Shipping costs within the U.S. are typically between $75 and $140 depending on options.

Can you ship internationally?
Yes. International customers are responsible for all shipping costs, duty/tariff fees, and import taxes. Please contact us for a shipping quote.

Is the 18" front wheel required?
No. You can use the stock 19" front wheel of your Suzuki S40 / Savage.

What is the seat height?
The seat height is 31 inches with the stock 19" front wheel. Less if you use the optional 18" front wheel.

What is the capacity of the modified fuel tank?
2.5 gallons (The stock tank is 2.8 gallons).

What is the decompression lever?
The optional decompression lever allows you to open the exhaust valves very slightly upon starting the engine and replaces the bulky and heavy stock decompression solenoid. It's not required, but it makes the engine a little easier to start sometimes. Available as a foot actuated linkage or thumb lever.

What tools do I need?
Other than a basic set of hand tools, an angle grinder is highly recommended for the frame cuts. A Dremel tool will also work, or even a hacksaw if you want to keep it super old school. But an angle grinder is ideal, allowing you to easily cut through the frame and smooth out the edges with a flapper disk afterwards. A basic motorcycle lift (shown below) is also recommended and can be used in the future for maintenance, etc. Here's a list of recommended tools and supplies.

Do you offer bulk/dealer discounts?
Yes, contact us for details.

Are there any performance upgrades?
Re-jetting your carb is a very simple procedure and will improve performance. A Jet Set is included with the kit. There is also a high performance cam available and a big bore kit in the works. Suspension and brake line upgrades are now available.

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