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Gazebo Kits by Alan's Factory Outlet – Delivery Available in VA and
March 2, 2023 – 04:16 pm
Build Your Own Gazebo Kit |

Vinyl Gazebo KitsMaybe you’ve always dreamed about the idea of having a gazebo in your backyard or garden area, but most likely you might have thought that a gazebo would be too expensive or too difficult to be delivered intact to your home. Instead of having a fully assembled gazebo delivered to your door, perhaps what you need is a gazebo kit! Many people don’t realize that a variety of gazebo kits are available for those people who might be interested in installing gazebos themselves. Our gazebo kits make it quick and easy for most individuals to order and self install a gazebo in their own backyard or garden area.

Prefab gazebo kits from Alan’s Factory Outlet come with all of the tools and pieces that you will need to make your backyard gazebo dreams come true. Alan’s Factory Outlet even offers free delivery to customers in many states with the purchase of our Amish gazebo kits.Gazebo Kits Please refer to the illustrations below to see more details about the different varieties of Amish gazebo kits that are available for purchase from our catalog of gazebo and pergola items.

12' Double Roof Wood Gazebo Kits

The fully assembled gazebos and gazebo kits are only available in VA and WV.

Pergola Kits are also available for purchase. Alan’s Factory Outlet offers free delivery, with no hidden charges or fees, on all gazebo kit and pergolas to Virginia and West Virginia.

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