Build your own RC car kit

Build Your Own Kit or RTR
December 20, 2017 – 12:54 pm
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Exceed MadDrift BrushlessThere are two types of RC vehicles that first time RC owners can get – the RTR (Ready To Run) and Build Your Own kits. Both have their pros and cons, as well as their proponents and detractors. Choosing between a RTR and a Build Your Own kit will depend on the RC experience you are looking for. Here are the differences and how to choose between a Build Your Own or RTR RC vehicle.

If you prefer to drive your RC vehicle right out of the box, then a Ready To Run (RTR) vehicle is what you will need. Unlike a Build Your Own vehicle, all you need to do is to unpack the box, charge the batteries for a full charge, and begin driving.

Some RTR vehicles do require a separate purchase of the batteries and charges. Most just require AA batteries for the transmitter and receiver or fuel.

Many hobby grade Ready To Run vehicles offer extra tuning capabilities as well as upgrade options, however, there aren’t as many tuning options as the Build Your Own kit.

If you want to learn more about RC vehicles, then a RTR won’t give you the chance to learn a RC vehicle’s construction and what to look for or what to expect when something goes wrong. You will need to tear apart your RTR vehicle and thoroughly inspect it before you run it.

Team Associated B6D 6Build Your Own RC Kit vehicles are exactly like what the name indicates – you have to assemble your RC vehicle with the tools, body, and accessories provided. Building a RC vehicle from scratch requires some experience and fine measurements, and as such may not suitable for beginners with little to no experience.

Build Your Own RC vehicle kits generally don’t come with electronics, such as radio equipment, motors, engines, speed controls, or servos. This allows you to select the most appropriate brand and quality of components to suit your individual driving needs and budget.

One of the biggest perks of building your own RC vehicle is that there is no better way to get a good understanding of the way your car works than to build it yourself. You will also know how to fix any problems that you encounter so you can keep racing.

Generally, purchasing a Build Your Own kit is more expensive than purchasing a RTR RC vehicle kit. The cost of your Build Your Own RC vehicle will depend on the electronics and components that you purchase in addition to the kit.

However, going with a RTR RC vehicle may mean paying more for additional tuning in the future, and you may end up spending more money buying additional modification accessories in the long run.

Choosing a RTR vehicle or a Build Your Own RC kit will depend on the type of RC experience you would like to have.

Generally, if you plan on racing your RC vehicle and already have some experience with RC vehicles, we would recommend getting a Build Your Own kit. If you just plan on doing some backyard bashing or are new to RC driving, then a RTR vehicle may be more suitable.

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