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V8 Engine Kit
November 2, 2022 – 01:47 pm
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Build your own working V8 engine from this 250 piece motorised plastic kit. Comes complete with display stand. Cylinder block and head are clear plastic so you can see all the pistons and valves moving.

This model engine is designed to be fun to put together, and to make it easier for you to understand how a full-size V8 car engine works. The engine includes real engine sounds of an engine starting and running to enhance your experience and a detailed booklet with information on the four-stroke cycle, fuel injection, engine oil, emission control and how to care for engines. The V8 Engine Kit provides fascinating insight into the world of engines and how these complex machines work.

All parts screw or clip together, so the engine can be taken apart and rebuilt. An electric motor drives the engine and requires three AA batteries (not included).

8 x Gudgeon pins, 8 x Connecting rods with bearing caps, 16 x Piston halves, Crankshaft, Sump pan, Lower crankcase, Cylinder block, 2 x Lower cylinder heads, 2 x Small cylinder head plates, 2 x Large cylinder head plates, 16 x Valve stems, 8 x Exhaust valves, 16 x Rocker arms, 2 x Upper cylinder head, 10 x Rocker bearing caps, 16 x Cams, 2 x Rocker covers, Crankshaft sprocket, 2 x Camshaft sprocket, Timing alignment tool, 4 x Idler pulleys, Timing belt, timing belt cover and back plate, Water pump – back and front, Crankshaft pulley, Fan, fan pulley and fan belt, Clutch cover, Plenum chamber – top and bottom, Inlet manifold, Dipstick, 2 x Exhaust manifold, Flywheel, 2 x Distributors with leads and spark plugs, Electric motor unit, Base, 2 x Washers, 2 x Rocker shaft, 2 x Camshaft, 16 x Valve springs, 108 x Screws, Screwdriver, 2 x Cylinder head gasket, 40 page detailed assembly manual with diagrams.

Recommended for ages 10 and over with adult supervision. Some parts may contain sharp points when cut off from frames. Remember to keep fingers well away from moving parts. Not suitable for children aged three and under.

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