Build your own kegerator kit

Kegerator Conversion Kits
March 22, 2023 – 04:17 pm Kegco BF SHCK-5T Standard Homebrew Kegerator

All of our conversion kits include a hard plastic, gloss black faucet handle. This durable, beer tap handle provides a simple and clean appearance.

B. Chrome Faucet (Beer Tap)

This is the main point of dispense. Made of chrome plated forged brass, the faucet fits North American shanks and towers. The quick and easy-to-use lever makes this faucet the industry standard.

C. Shank

The shank connects your faucet to the beer line when going through a refrigerator or house wall. Shanks come in either nickel or chrome plated brass.

D. Hex Nut Assembly

Your beer line connects to the shank and keg coupler with the hex nut assembly. The hex nut, screw clamps, and 3/16โ€ tail piece come attached to the included beer line.

E. Black Rubber Washers

Rubber washers help create a tight seal when connecting your beer line to the shank and keg coupler.

F. Beer line

Our conversion kits come with five feet of durable, food-grade vinyl tubing that's tough and long-lasting. Inside diameter is 3/16โ€.

G. Keg Coupler

Attached to the keg itself, the keg coupler connects to the beer line and air line, allowing CO2 to enter and beer to exit the keg. Shown above is a US Sankey coupler, designed to dispense most North American beers. Check out our keg coupler list to find out what kind of coupler you need.

H. Air Line

Same length and quality as the beer line, the included air line connects the CO2 regulator to the keg coupler with screw clamps. Made of professional-grade vinyl that won't rot, crack, swell, or dry out. Inside diameter is 5/16โ€.

I. Double Gauge CO2 Regulator

The CO2 regulator allows you to quickly measure and adjust the pressure going to the keg and check the amount of air left in your CO2 tank.

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