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The Build Your Own Cigar Box Guitar Kit by Drummond
July 25, 2022 – 12:47 pm
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This Build Your Own Cigar Box Guitar Kit is simple to assemble and comes with easy-to-follow instructions which can be completed by anyone of any age. It has a great acoustic sound and is the bare bones introduction to the traditional Cigar Box Guitar, remaining fully customizable from headstock shape to neck profile, string action to electrics, from paint finish to accessories. The B.Y.O model also features a fully-fretted neck carved from one solid piece of Poplar timber, piezo-disk pickup so you can plug-in to an amp, and a black walnut or mahogany bridge.

Choose from the standard Electric model or the Slide-Starter Kit, the latter of which comes complete with one hand-cut bottle slide or 4x chrome corner pieces, authentic vintage cigar box graphic illustration sticker and D+H guitar pick.

3 and 4 String versions available – simply select from the drop down menu.

For those wanting something a little more pro and custom, check out our other authentic Cigar Box Guitar models.


The BYO ‘Slide Starter Kit’ option comes with an adhesive-backed Authentic Cigar Box Graphic ready to adorn your homemade creation as well as D+H guitar pick and handmade bottle-slide !

All come with Piezo electric pickup ready for plugging into your amplifier

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