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12 Affordable Homes Built For Under £200,000
June 17, 2017 – 01:37 pm
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Affordable Self Build HomeWhile it may be fun to read about big-budget dream homes with designer features, the majority of those undertaking self build projects will have more modest targets. That’s why we like to share the sort of schemes that show what can be achieved on a fairly typical budget. In fact, the challenge of limited funding often adds to the inspirational nature of a self build home, requiring clever, wallet-friendly design solutions.

Here are 12 such projects, all built for a maximum of £200, 000 – many of them for much less. Some of you are no doubt keen to roll up your own sleeves – like Damian Helliwell, whose straw bale home is testament to what can be achieved with just £60k, a great eye for design and true self build grit.

Others seek to get on the first rung of the housing ladder. Jennifer Hope designed a small timber frame home that led to her founding her own company aimed at those looking for small, affordable properties.

Eco House on a BudgetRead on to discover more about these inspirational examples and 12 more besides.

Affordable Self Build Home

The Walters worked with their architect to design a modest dormer bungalow, built in brick-clad timber frame. They gave their all when it came to managing the project and spent countless hours researching Building Regulations and product specifications online – making every penny count.

Build cost: £169, 711

Eco House on a Budget

Joshua Penk delayed going to university to design and build his award-winning eco home. The result is a striking single storey, two bedroom property built in a curve, using a post and beam system with cedar cladding and a spectacular glazed south elevation. He completed the project at a cost of just £372 per m2.

Small Sustainable Self BuildBuild cost: £81, 800

Small Sustainable Self Build

As she was approaching retirement, Barbara Manson decided she wanted a smaller house but more land, so she could grow vegetables and keep hens. She enlisted the help of an architect renowned for his off-grid eco-friendly homes, to build her a contemporary dwelling that would keep her mortgage free.

Build cost: £140, 000

Low-Cost Traditional Fisherman’s Cottage

Greig and Kathleen Munro, who work together at an architectural practice, were committed to using their expertise to prove that a small budget doesn’t prevent excellence. Their compact cottage combines a nautical theme with Scandinavian minimalism, resulting in a home that maximises space through illumination and intelligent storage.

Build cost: £149, 800

Amazing Budget Self Build Home

Folk musician Damian Helliwell was offered the unique opportunity to return to the Isle of Eigg, as part of a scheme providing plots to ex-residents. He was determined to use a straw bale structural system, despite never having seen a house completed with this method, and do most of the work himself – keeping to a tiny budget.

Low-Cost Traditional Fisherman’s Cottage Amazing Budget Self Build Home The Wee House Budget Family Home
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