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Dollhouse Kits - Get the easiest to assemble and most artistic kits at minishop      
January 29, 2018 – 01:40 pm
Tudor dolls houses and fantasy dolls houses - Gerry Welch

Dollhouse kits make your task of building doll houses according to your choice easy and they provide you freedom to employ your creativity in assembling the dollhouse. We at minishop, provide you a vast range of dollhouse kits ranging from Victorian, modern, vintage styles. Not only you will get the doll house kits in different styles from our online shop, but also from the major brands like Greenleaf, real good toys, corona concepts.
However, preparing a doll houses from dollhouse kits is now in vogue among dollhouse collectors and hobbyist. Building from a kit allows you to create a wonderful dolls house easily and also add a personal touch with the decoration. It is also a very cost effective way of creating your dream home.

There are many advantages of building a dollhouse from doll house kits. Doll House kits come in all shapes and sizes from a one roomed shop to a huge mansion, the choice is limitless.

There is one thing you should always keep in your mind when selecting doll house kits for yourself is how long it will take to put together. Kit build times range enormously from one hour to several days. You want to enjoy putting your kit together but make sure you leave yourself enough time to finish it if it is meant as a gift.

When choosing a kit the same rules apply as with choosing any dolls houses and if you have not already done so take a look at our page on How to choose doll house kits

If you have decided a dolls house kit is the right way to go for you we have reviewed a few doll house kits below just to give you an idea of what you should be looking out for.

At minishop, we offer many types of doll house kits the most popular of doll house kits are:

WILDWOOD Stable Doll house Kits: This is the real treasure dollhouse kits perfect for the horse in your kit. The Wildwood Stable features working stall and doors, a hayloft and a cupola.

ORCHID Doll house Kits: This Victorian cottage features ornate trim, double hung windows, octagon shaped dormer windows, and a bay window. Each floor has a divider wall that can be placed where you choose or left our completely for larger rooms. Total of 4 rooms the detailed trim and decorative front porch add to its charming authenticity. Shingles included!

WILLOW Dollhouse and Kits: This Classic Colonial style kit features 6 rooms for endless decorating possibilities. The downstairs fireplace is centered between two built in bookcases. Master bedroom fireplace and shutters compliment the authentic 18th Century architecture. Other features include the ornate front door, gracious stairway/hallway, and double hung windows. Shingles and siding are included.

These are only a few of the best seller doll house kits on most reasonable prices you can buy from minishop or can apply online to get the whole information from our site from our friendly customer care executives.

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