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TMB18 Amp KitBuild Your Own Clone
September 11, 2020 – 07:27 am
The Lamington amp kit | Valve Heaven

Everything you need to build a point­‐to‐point, hand-wired TMB (Treble Middle Bass) version of the Marshall 18 watter. This is seriously one of the most essential and versatile amps you’ll ever own. And it’s not that hard to build either! Two channels of tasty class A, EL84 goodness. The first channel is just volume and tone – great for shimmering, vox-­like clean tones with that top‐end chime that you can only get with EL84s. Crank the volume up and back off on the tone control and you’ve got tones that are reminiscent of a Tweed Deluxe. The second channel features the TMB controls and a master volume, which allow you to punch up the gain, sculpt the tone, and keep the volume right where you want it. This channel is pure Marshall tone, just not as loud as its bigger brothers. Add an A/B box, and you’ve got the perfect channel switching amp for live gigs.

The BYOC TMB18 kit comes with everything you need right down to the hook up wire. The tubes are all JJ EL84 x 2, ECC83 x 3, and EZ81 rectifier. The transformers are Classic Tone™ from Magnetic Components. These aren't rebranded "custom reproductions" of unknown origin. These are paper layer wound to vintage specs, using vintage construction methods, and made in Chicago, USA by a company that has been winding iron since 1943.

We offer a head cabinet that's comparable to the Marshall "small box", made from 13 ply birch, and available in 6 different color options: black with gold piping, cream with black piping, red with silver piping, orange with white piping, purple with gold piping, and seafoam green with white piping.

Our amp kits always ship, in their entirety, within one business day or less from the time you order them unless emailed otherwise. And just like all of our kits, we don't just hand you a schematic and wiring diagram and throw you to the wolves. The BYOC TMB18 comes with the most complete, thorough, and easy-­‐to-­‐follow build instructions. At $640 for a complete kit, the BYOC TMB18 is the best Marshall 18 watt clone on the market.

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