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Telescope Kits
February 15, 2022 – 10:36 am
Telescope Kit -

Telescope Kits

The term telescope kit has two different meanings. The first definition is for a kit where you make your own telescope and I have two products here that fill that requirement. The second definition is for a kit that has all the accessories included with the telescope. I have an example of that type of kit here too.

Make your own Telescope Kits

Cardboard Galilean Style Telescope Building Kit
This kit can be supplied assembled or in pieces for young hands to construct as a fun learning tool. The kit comes with: (2) telescoping tubes (1) positive lens (1) negative lens (2) end caps and an instruction page. The telescope assembles in about five minutes and is ready to use. There is no glue needed, kit can be dissembled and reassembled. The magnification is approximately 3X, and the view is right side up. Ages 10 and up.

Make Your Own Refractor Telescope Kit
Using kit materials, students build a hand-held, 10× refractor telescope in a matter of minutes and start viewing the heavens as Galileo did in 1609.

Kit includes objective and eyepiece lenses, tubes and end caps, assembly instructions, viewing tips, and directions on how to measure focal length and calculate magnification power.

Galileo's Telescope Kit - Teacher Demo
Inspire eager stargazers to build, decorate, and experiment with their own 16-power refracting telescopes. 1 set of materials with instructions and activities.

Refracting Telescope Single

Experiment with each element of a simple refracting telescope and see how the lenses work when put together without using an optical bench. Galileo's first telescopes lacked precision and clarity. Nevertheless, he made astonishing discoveries with his crude instruments. This simple lab enables students to build a telescope that is similar to Galileo's. Use the telescope and see how it is similar to a pinhole camera View inverted astronomical images Estimate the magnification power Find the focal length of a lens See how the moon looked to Galileo. Can be purchased in a bulk rate pack of 10.

Investigating & Building Refractor Telescopes Kit
Here is an engaging way to help your students explore how concave and convex lenses refract light to produce real and virtual images. Students measure the lenses' focal lengths and discover how lens pairs can be used to make 2 different types of refracting telescopes. From the determined focal lengths, students calculate their telescopes' magnification powers.

Kit includes instructions, activities, and materials to build 8 hand-held refracting telescopes (4 Galilean and 4 Keplerian), each with a 444-mm-focal-length objective lens and a 50- or 150-mm-focal-length eyepiece lens.

Orion Beginning Stargazer's Toolkit That new telescope of yours will show you lots of cool celestial objects - but only if you know where to look. And once you do spot something, wouldn't it be nice to know what it is? With this Toolkit, you'll never be "lost in space"! It contains four items designed to help new astronomers find their way around the heavens: Star Target Planisphere; Discover the Stars observer's guide; Moon map; and RedBeam Mini LED Astro Flashlight.

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