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Remember The Basics of Survival When Thinking About Preparing For a Disaster
March 7, 2022 – 10:43 am
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Due to popular demand we are now offering you all the survival gear you need to build your own survival kit. We work hard to ensure we have the latest products available with exceptional pricing and quality you can trust. So make your own survival kit and be prepared for any emergency.

These products make excellent additions to our existing kits – or you can purchase one of our sturdy backpacks and fill it with the items you especially want or need.

On top of our standard Best Selling Emergency Preparedness Kits, you may need specific survival gear to better prepare you for sudden disasters and other unplanned events.

If you do not already have a bag or backpack to use for your Bug Out Bag, you'll need a good one! Browse our collection of backpacks and bags and find the best one for your situation. From multi-pocket backpacks to specially designed bags for use in the car to waterproof bags, we have one to meet your needs.

Use the Potassium Iodide tablets to treat water that has been potentially contaminated with radiation. It works by saturating the thyroid with stable iodine so that radioactive iodine isotopes aren't needed and thus aren't absorbed by the body. Stocking a water filter is a fantastic way to remove the majority of common micro-organisms and chemicals.

Many of these pathogens cause dysentery, an illness you may associate with developing countries due to their lack of access to clean, safe water. It is recommended that each person has access to a minimum of one gallon or 4 liters of water per day.

This gives you 2 quarts for drinking and 2 quarts for sanitation and food preparation. Keep in mind that you will always need more water than you think, be it to clean dishes, reconstitute dried foods, maintaining good hygiene and of course, keeping hydrated. So it is important to have more than one method of producing safe, clean water.

Keep your energy levels up and hunger at bay with shelf-stable, long term survival food. The Mayday bars come in a single 2400 calorie serving with a pleasant apple cinnamon taste. It’s recommended to break the bars into smaller servings to replace each meal as they have a high caloric density, which means a single bar will fulfill the daily nutritional needs for the average adult.

Wise Company branded food pouches are nutritionally balanced meals that have been packed in a durable, extra strength Mylar pouches to retain high quality taste, texture and aroma. This kit contains six different varieties of food pouches so even in a crisis, you can enjoy quality food. Wise Company uses a combination of dehydration and freeze-drying that also helps to promote that exceptionally long shelf life of up to 25 years.

During disaster management, local radio stations will broadcast important messages and you will need the ability to tune into those broadcasts to learn about evacuations or where to source help. Your computer or phone may not work so it makes sense to pack away a basic portable radio. Consider one that does not need batteries to ensure it will work when you need it.

You may not be able to keep a campfire burning or it may not be safe to do so. Flashlights and other light sources will help you in the event that you lose power to your home, or you are stranded outdoors. Light sticks are particularly handy to keep in your bag or in your car as they can be activated at any time and greatly increase your chances of being found and rescued.

In an emergency or survival situation, you'll need a variety of tools to ensure your family's safety. Be sure to add a few of these to your Bug Out Bag!

Disaster situations are more than likely going to bring at least minor injuries. Be equipped to deal with these by having a first aid kit close to hand. We have kits which can met the needs of up to 10 people and cover general first aid with items such as gauze, alcohol swabs, splints, cold packs, bandages and more.

Grab a waterproof box of 40 matches to help you start a life saving fire anywhere. The match has a unique blend of non-toxic chemicals formulated to light in wet conditions as well as the box striking surface is treated with moisture resistant coating. This makes these matches an ideal survival tool for disasters or camping, hiking, and the outdoors.

Alternatively use the Wise Company Fire Starter which are made from inert minerals and recycled wood which is secured by a patented blend of paraffin. This combination makes the Fire Starters safe to use as well as environmentally friendly. Its non volatile nature means the fire remains contained and is free from unexpected flair ups. These fire starters have a reputation for being able to build a fire basically anywhere, despite the circumstance due to their wind and rain resistance.

Each one-cup pouch will burn for up to 30 minutes to allow you to boil water or cook food making these pouches an all-round excellent addition for your evacuation kit.

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