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June 10, 2023 – 04:54 pm
July 2015 ~ SF

SailingIt’s a dream as old as humanity. Look into the endless expanse of the sea and dream of building a way to find the other side. Humans are cheeky that way. A version of “The grass is always greener…”

Luckily, Devlin Designing Boat Builders has that affliction in a major way. We like to build them. We like to launch them, and we like to take them over the horizon. That being the case, we’ve worked on quite a few ways for you to live the same ancient dream.

Except, ours work a lot better.

We have two basic ways to get started on your own boat building adventure. You can work from one of our kits, or you can work from plans.

For a lot of reasons, Devlin kits are the way to get started if you’ve never built a boat before. The smaller kits make a great winter project, a great family project for that matter. People build them in garages, under carports, and on porches. The tools required are basic shop tools. Our kits include precision CNC-cut plywood hull panels and all the information you need to complete a successful build.

At this point, they do not include dimensional lumber needed to finish the boat, so there will be some woodworking involved. They also do not include the epoxy and fiberglass cloth needed. These items are available on our store right now, but we are working hard to match materials to the kits to make it simpler to put together everything you need.
Kits are developed from a variety of Devlin designs and can take you up to some very full featured boats. The decision to develop a design into kit form is largely based on popular demand. If you see one that you want, sign on and make some noise.

Those of you who are serious woodworkers and boat builders can build entirely from plans. This opens the possibilities up to a wide range of Devlin designs, including larger boats that would take one heck of a shop to build. The plans come in two basic levels:

Study plans are detailed enough to understand the form and features of a design, but would need a great deal of work to convert into something buildable. These plans are inexpensive and intended to help you make detailed decisions about Devlin boat designs. They also look really nice in a frame on the wall.

Construction plans are the real deal, get-out-your-saw plans. A skilled builder can use them to build a boat, start to finish. They represent a serious commitment of time, but nothing compared to a similar design in traditional boat building. If you have questions about what’s really involved, please give us a call.

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