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RC Helicopters from Micro helicopters to Scale helicopters
August 2, 2020 – 07:10 am
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The RC Helicopters information resource. From the smallest and simplest to the most complex scale helicopter. All are covered, with hints, tips and how to select and buy.

Thunder Tiger E-325 sc 2.4G M2

It is possible to spend as little as $30, on one of the new toy helicopters or thousands of dollars on a scale model or even an RC turbine helicopter. Whatever your radio controlled helicopter needs, My purpose is to help you select the model you are looking for and point out the features to look for and also the attributes to avoid!

One obvious advantage of helicopters is that a long runway is not required for operation. You can fly in almost any open space. Please ensure the site you chose is safe and free from spectators, who may not realize the possible dangers that can be associated with operating RC models. Also you must be covered by insurance, usually from the model governing body in your country.

In Canada the association is named the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada or MAAC for full details.

In the USA the National Body is the Academy of Model Aeronautics or AMA. To visit their site for further information,

Micro Helicopters

In my opinion these are not toy helicopters, but they are true hobby grade helicopters, with 4 channels of true radio control ( not Infra red control) and a gyro to help in the flying department. Don't get me wrong, the toy helicopters definitely have their place and have introduced a lot of people to flying.

on Micro Helicopters.

Gas Helicopters

The photo shows the, a prime example of a gas powered helicopter. This type of power plant uses a gasoline/oil mix for fuel and are different to the more common nitro powered helicopter. To further confuse the issue, the term "nitro" is not really accurate. The more correct term would be the 2-stroke glow RC model airplane engines The gas engine is usually a 2-stroke, much like the engines used in leaf blowers and edge trimmers. In fact some of the early examples were converted from just such engines.

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