Build your own kit car set

Self Assembly
August 9, 2023 – 05:36 pm
Dax Cars – 427 Motor Co

Caterham offer a self-assembly option allowing you to do exactly that.


Specify your model and options from the Caterham pricing and specifications list.


The chassis, nosecone, front and rear cycle wings begin their journey at the paint shop and arrive at the factory fully painted in your chosen colour. The painted chassis then undergoes preparation on the production line.

It is during this time that factory trained technicians fit the core elements of the car including; the wiring loom, dashboard, gauges, scuttle panel, fuel tank, fuel lines, brake pipes, brake lines, pedal box and those all-important pedals. On completion, the remainder of the Caterham is hand-picked and boxed up ready to depart the factory.


Preparation of your garage or workspace can begin. We will then be in touch to book a delivery date at a time to suit you.


The chassis, boxed components, assembly guide, engine and gearbox are delivered directly to your garage or workshop.

The assembly guide is designed to help you through the various stages of the build. The labelled boxes coincide with each step, enabling you to identify which box you need at any given time.

It can take anywhere between 80 – 100 hours to build your own Caterham and you will need specialist equipment to assist you. Draper provides the perfect tool kit solution to help you complete and maintain your new Seven. Remember that our technical team are also available to assist with any questions you might have throughout the build.


The final stage in making your Seven road legal is the requirement of an Individual Vehicle Approval (IVA) test. Our Service workshops are on hand to help you with this process. On passing the IVA test your car is then eligible for registration with the DVLA.

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