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September 28, 2021 – 08:24 am
Configure your own kit | Universal Hovercraft

Renegade Economy Kit is available for builders that want to get started building their hovercraft on a budget. All of the major materials are included; composite parts, engine, hardware and components. Within a short time of beginning the snap together assembly process, builders will have a completed hull and will be ready for drive system & hardware installations. Assembling the Renegade is simple and quick.

Renegade is a very simple versatile hovercraft. It’s perfect for recreational and commercial users. It can be assembled for use as in recreational, rental, fishing, hunting, cruising, survey, patrol or rescue hovercraft. A 750cc fuel injected 4-stroke engine powers the hovercrafts proprietary AeroDrive™ propulsion system. AeroDrive™ uses a 7-blade fan, in combination with the RearDrive™ system, fan cone, tail cone and flow straighteners to provide quiet and efficient power to the integrated propulsion system.

Renegade Economy Kit is the same hovercraft as our “ready to fly” Renegade. All of the same components, driveline and hardware are used on both types of hovercraft. Costs have been greatly reduced in the Economy kit by using GRP construction instead of carbon & Kevlar and self-build offering assembly kits to remove factory labor. All of the materials are provided and detailed assembly instructions walk the builder through a step assembly process guaranteeing a successful high quality completion every time.

Assembling the hovercraft requires very little mechanical knowledge. All fabrication has been completed at the factory, only light assembly is required. Home assemblers use our detailed instruction manual to quickly assemble the hovercraft in their garage or workshop. No specialized tools are required. Assembly is simple and straight forward. Typical assembly times range from 100 – 135 hours. For those that need assistance, technical support is provided by phone, email, skype or at our facilities is Rockford IL.

What’s in the standard Renegade kit? Renegade Economy Kit contains all of the materials needed to assemble the Renegade. Includes; Kohler engine, Kohler engine mounting hardware, GRP HULL panels, Hull Fittings, Forward air delivery (FAD) system, Seat assembly, Fan duct including RAD 900mm duct, GRP rudder kit, GRP lift air deflectors, GRP flow straighteners, Duct isolator mounts, Engine install kit including carb mod kit, throttle trigger control & cable, Electrical kit including battery, battery panel, wiring harness kit, Drive strut kit including (drive strut), shafts, bearings, sprockets, seals, belt, coupling & hardware, Fan guard screen, Steering controls, GRP rudders, Windshield assembly, Skirt kit, PIP strip, Fuel system including 3 gallon fuel tank, locating bracket quick disconnect, fuel hose. Builder must supply; paint coatings, seat upholstery, assembly glue, battery and skirt assembly, FAD panel assembly, Drag flap assembly, Wiring harness assembly.

Save On Shipping; enjoy a substantial savings on shipping by ordering a Renegade kit. Kits are packaged smaller than “ready to fly” units. Renegade Economy kit is 30% smaller and 15% lighter than a RTF unit. Larger shipments of 2 or more units will enjoy further savings as Renegade kit components are stackable for air and ocean shipping.

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