Build your own dune buggy kits

Sandrail 101
August 26, 2018 – 04:25 am
Meyers Manx - The Original

The Chassis

Step 1: DIY or Turnkey?

Acme Car Company and Berrien Buggy is a full-service dune buggy and kit car business. We sell everything needed to build a complete car, in addition to performing custom turnkey builds to your specifications. If you have a good set of tools, a work space, a bit of mechanical knowledge, and a few weekends, you can have a great time building your custom buggy. And we can supply chassis, suspension components, transmissions, engines, and all the little odds and ends.

“DIY” Knockdown and Tacked kits: Berrien offers three styles of tacked “project” kits. For all kits, you'll need a welder (preferably MIG or TIG), a level, tape measure, and a 4 1/2” angle grinder.

Knockdown: Our “knockdown” kits (2 seat Warrior and 4 seat Cruiser) are by far the most economical to buy and ship, but require the most assembly. These consist of a tacked floor section, with all other assembly to be done by the customer.

Side By Side: Our “side-by-side” models are offered for best shipping costs almost anywhere in the world. They consist of the two side assemblies of the chassis (arm rails and bottom rails, with all uprights and diagonals) that are tacked together, as well as the front floor center section (front and rear crossbars with two center bars), and a box with all the rest of the tubes for the upper roll cage and rear cage sections. These can be a bit more challenging to put together, and will most likely require an assistant to assemble, but ship flatter for better cost.

Top & Bottom: Our “top-and-bottom” kits are designed for more ease of assembly, but may have a higher shipping cost. The entire floor of the chassis is tacked together, as well as the upper roll cage is assembled. The only thing the customer needs to assemble is the side “uprights and diagonals”, as well as the rear cage. One person alone can easily do assembly. While these chassis CAN be shipped, it is recommended that if you intend to buy a “top-and-bottom” kit, you intend to pick it up at our facility or at one of our many dealerships.

Berrien also offers fully welded chassis. These require the least amount of assembly, but some welding is still required (ie., seat belt tabs, steering bearing mounts, pedal mounts, shift box, etc...) Fully welded chassis are the least economical when it comes to shipping. It can become very expensive to ship a fully welded chassis. Again, pickup at our facility or a dealership is recommended.

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