Build your own cold Air Intake kit

AirAid U-Build-It Universal Intake Kits
August 7, 2019 – 04:08 pm
Performance Air Intake Kits | Cold Air, Short Ram, Conical Filters
  • Feed your engine your way with the Airaid U-Build-It Universal Intake Kit
  • Lets you custom build an intake for your vehicle any way you want it
  • Kits include everything you need to craft a complete air intake for most vehicles
  • Choose Master Kit I, Master Kit II or ducting-only in 3”, 3.5”, 4”, 5” or 6” diameters
  • Ducting-only kits include piping and bends in your choice of diameter
  • Master Kit I is for engines requiring less than 1300 cfm of airflow
  • Master Kit II is for high-power engines requiring up to 1700 cfm of airflow
  • Master Kits include tubes, bends, Airaid air filter, silicone hump hose, silicone reducer and all mounting hardware
  • Your Airaid U-Build-It Universal Intake Kit is backed by a limited Lifetime Warranty


Birds of a feather flock together, but if those birds are turkeys, it's best to take a solo flight south. The same goes for run-of-the mill air intake kits. How are you gonna beat the feathers off the competition if you're all running the same kit? So, instead of pigeonholing your engine with the rest of the flock, let it scream like an angry eagle with the Airaid U-Build-It Universal Intake Kit.

Airaid gives you complete control, letting you design and configure your air intake system any way you see fit. These custom Airaid DIY CAI kits comes in your choice of 3", 3.5", 4", 5" and even free-breathing 6" tubing. The Master kits include elbows, straight tubes, silicone hump hoses, silicone reducers and all mounting hardware. They leave the rest to you.

Once you're finished piping the power to your engine, cap off your custom creation with a crud-busting Airaid air filter to let the power in and keep the dirt out. And, Airaid caps the deal by backing your U-Build-It Universal Intake Kit with a limited Lifetime Warranty.


  • Not CARB emission certified
  • Kits may not work on every year, make and model vehicle - prior to installation please measure and ensure the kit will work for your vehicle
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