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December 5, 2019 – 08:32 pm
Build your own Cobra replica | Pilgrim MotorSports

Cobra Replica KitsShell Valley Classic Wheels is the leading manufacturer of Cobra Replicas. We have been manufacturing the 427 Cobra Replica for over 40 years and as a lot of of manufacturers have come and gone, we are still here producing the most nostalgic Cobra Replica on the market. Our Cobra Replica Kit Car can be purchased in any stage, from just the body and frame to complete turn key minus kits. We offer every part to complete your Cobra Replica along with many upgrade options to choose from. What makes our kits stand out from the rest:

  • Over 40 years building the 427 Cobra Replica.
  • We stock every single part that you need to complete your kit.
  • No donor car needed, all new parts are used so you don't have to rebuild or replace parts that fail or are worn out when you are building your Cobra Replica.
  • We pre-drill the frame holes for body, gas tank and cowl hoop.
  • Pre-drilled and cut body holes for roll bars, gas tank filler neck, brake pedal assembly mounting hole and steering column hole.
  • We Hinge and latch all doors.
  • Dashes come pre mounted.
  • Redesigned radiator mounts.
  • Upgraded sidepipe mounts.
  • Steel reinforced hood handles and trunk handle.
  • Redesigned brake clutch pedal assembly.
  • All new pre-formed steel brake line kit.
  • Standard rotors are now offered in drilled and slotted.
  • Brass bushings in all hinges.
  • Body mounting tabs on frame.
  • Modified cowl hoop with fused block and wiper motor mounts incorporated.
  • Fully adjustable 4-link race inspired rear suspension that incorporates the latest coil-over shock absorber technology.
  • Redesigned fuel fillneck.
  • Redesigned transmission mount.
  • High tech fiberglass body reinforced with Kevlar and steel.
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