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Kikker 5150 Hardknock Bobber motorcycle and parts by Kikker5150
April 29, 2019 – 02:39 pm
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The Hardknock Story:
Introduced in 2006 as a kit for bike builders, it was an instant hit not only with fabricators, painters and customizers, but with people who just wanted to build their own motorcycle. Through the years the kit was refined, the list of factory options grew, and the frame was enlarged and improved to accept ever larger engines. Although it was a huge success, as a kit bike, it was only street legal in the few states where builders were allowed to assemble their own motorcycle. As of 2015 the Hardknock is sold as a street legal motorcycle with both DOT/EPA approval in the United States and EC-Type approval in all European countries and Switzerland.

What Our Customers Say:

"I never wanted a motorbike. I didn't like, and still don't like Motorbikes. But I saw a 200 HK1 on the web and needed one. I got my bike licence and bought a kit in 2010, I built it, rode it, fixed it, rode it and ride it. So many people talk about it and respect it, and I have immense pride riding something I built and fix myself. Here in the UK no-one really does this. A Hardknock isn't a motorbike, its a way of life." -Mann

"This kit has always fulfilled a need for people far beyond inexpensive transportation. For me it was a vehicle to redemption and sobriety that improved my self esteem and helped me make many new friends who ignited my creative passion again. It gave me a new identity and direction... And a big old child like grin." -Trexducatis

"The kit concept is what got me into this bike. Building a bike with my kids is just plain bad ass and fun!
All that and the first ride produced giggles like a 2 year old, because it works!!" -yzcrasher

"Got rid of my Sportster, just loved my `07 250 powered Hardknock a lot more. Nobody that finances a 30k, mass produced Laz-E-Boy on wheels will ever know the feeling of satisfaction of putting their own bike together. Might have to clean out the garage, o feel another Hardknock bug about to bite..." -Bobberjohn

"If it wasn't for the bike you created, we would all have very large holes in our lives. The knock brought us all together with the common love for one of a kind garage built motorcycles. They may all start out the same but everyone makes it their own. My knock has been part of some of the most satisfying times the last few years of my life." -Steimy35

European Type-Approved & DOT/EPA Approved!
New larger HK-III street legal Hardknock is sold
fully-built with 5" stretch & 16" tires/wheels
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