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FastBuild Kit
October 1, 2020 – 07:30 am
4 Amazing DIY Planes—And How to Build Your Own
Fast Build

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This is the full kit, with FastBuild wings and canard and FastBuild fuselage options. FastBuild options can reduce building time by as much as 800 hours.

"The 'FastBuild' kit is proving to be our most popular, " notes Velocity president Scott Swing. "It makes the experimental amateur-build aircraft a viable choice for those who would otherwise not even consider building their own plane." FASTBUILD OPTIONS (Add to Kit Cost)


Winglets, wings, & canard completed, ailerons and elevators molded and all finished through primer, com and nav antennas installed, etc.


Factory installed bulkheads, firewall, conduit ducts, nose gear, main gear, axles, tires and tubes, windshield; all side windows installed; top and bottom fuselage halves permanently joined, glassed, and finished through primer; upper and lower cowling removed and flanged; gull wing doors aligned and installed with hardware installed and door flanging completed; carbon door beams installed; instrument panel fit and glassed for easy removal.
  • FastBuild Fuselage $9, 450 (both Fixed Gear and Retract)


Velocity stocks or can order a wide variety of items needed for the final completion of your airplane. Items like engines and avionics, high pressure electric fuel pumps, oil coolers, pre-wired electrical systems, nomex/stainless firewall protection, Whelen strobes/position lights, M-T constant speed propellers, seat belts, upholstery kit, and much more. Refer to the Online Velocity Store.
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