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How To Build A Bird House: The Right Way
December 25, 2016 – 03:22 pm
Hobby Hobnob: Build A Bird Feeder Kit

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Please see my gold star ratings for birdhouse kits & books here on this page.

Not everyone will want to build a bird house using a kit. But if you do here are some good ones on this page. Reasonably priced and much more economical than purchasing a bird house already made.

My Building Bird House Kit
& Book Recommendations

Two modifications I would suggest:

1. Omit installing the perches, as perches only assist predators to get in easier!

2. Make a modification to the birdhouse kit instructions to make it easy to open your bird house so you can clean it out every year in the autumn.

And remember, do you want a hanging bird home or will you need to erect a bird house pole?

How to Build a Bird House That Wild Birds Will Live In

How to build a bird house that will actually be used requires a little knowledge but it is not complicated. There are a few things that will be important to know, to successfully attract birds to use a bird house and raise their young to full fledge.

It is important to know what attracts a specific wild bird to a bird house and what assists them in providing good baby bird care.

Studies have shown that wild birds prefer home made bird houses over manufactured houses.

This may be due to some simple factors such as expense in mass producing a good quality product.

Some elements that wild birds like may be left out because it is expensive to mass produce those elements.

Please don't be daunted by the statement made earlier that birds prefer homemade bird houses and you know you are all thumbs when it comes to hands-on projects.

  1. You can buy a bird house kit right here on this page and have a homemade bird house.
  1. Or purchase one of the many books featured here on this page with excellent, easy to follow plans.
  1. Or purchase one that is already made by someone else.

10 Features Of Good Bird House Plans:

  • Studies have shown that wild birds prefer home-made bird houses that are painted in shades of tan, brown or grey.
  • Only use oil paints that are classified as safe for bird houses or latex paints (water based paints).
  • A bird house must have ventilation.

  • All bird houses must be able to be opened to have the old nest removed.
  • How to build a bird house with the correct size entrance hole is very important. It must be the correct size for the bird house design and the type of wild bird that it is to attract. (The measurements are given in a chart, half way down building bird houses.)
  • To install a perch or not, is a noteworthy consideration. This may prove to help predators have access to the inside of your bird house and the young baby birds before they are ready to fledge.
  • Drainage holes are a necessity.
  • Install a ladder on the inside. Really! (Simply score the inside of the wall under the entrance hole providing a rough surface for the young birds to grab onto to climb out.)
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